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Center for Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences

The Center for Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences (CBCS) Lab conducts research focused primarily on perceptions, historical factors, cognitions, and other internal and environmental variables associated with various acts of aggression such as interpersonal violence, sexual assault, and other harmful behaviors.  

Addictive processes and the relationship it has on perceptions, attitudes and violence. 

Attachment, trauma, attentional bias, and early priming effects are a few of the variables of interest in this lab.  

Goals also include increasing our understanding of the most promising treatments for people who commit acts of aggression as well as suffer from addictive disorders, so that we can work toward health and well being of the clients as well as to keeping communities safe.  

Increasing our understanding of approaches that meet the needs of underrepresented clients and multicultural competence is at the forefront of the goals in this lab.

Current Projects

CBCS Lab projects are primarily forensic


Understanding the variables relevant to those legally involved is essential for keeping society safe and preventing future crime 

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